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What is the cost of genetic testing, and how long does it take to get the results?

Please leave your message to us for quotation Whatsapp: 6822 7987; WeChatID: info68227987 or visit our doctors for quotation and preliminary diagnosis.


1. Make Appointment with our Clinics, Centers or Doctors

Find the nearest Clinics, Test Centers or Doctors from our Network Doctors. 


2. Collect DNA Sample

Provide your DNA sample through saliva or blood in your collection centers.   Install Medic Cloud App and get your free Medic and Wellness Care service.  


3. Genetic Analysis in Laboratory

DNA specimen is sent to our own laboratory, in which the DNA will be extracted.  


4. Reports and Consultation

Collect your “Life Code Report” personalized reports of “Targeted Medic Care Plan” .  


5. Medic Cloud : Continuous Genetic Health Consultation and Monitoring

Your Linking genetic personal health and medical team is monitoring your health with medic-cloud to assist you to reach your top performance of health.  


You are controlling your own destiny and 

enjoying the top quality of aging life.

Why using our services?

670 million Clinical genetic variants Database.

We have a vast clinical database containing over 670 million currently curated human genetic variants containing over 150,000 genetic variants associated with nearly 10,000 diseases..
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